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General Dentistry Services in Upland, CA

For general dentistry services and exams, come to Hutton & Hale DDS in Upland, California. We offer comprehensive dental services for the whole family including routine check ups and dental cleanings.

Exams & Check Ups

Hutton & Hale DDS specializes in working with each patient to ensure both a calm and comfortable experience when you visit our office. We make it easy for you to maintain a healthy smile. Whether you need a preventive exam or routine cleaning and check up, feel confident knowing our dentists and staff are ready to assist you and improve your smile.


A dental extraction might be recommended if a tooth could not be restored by any other method or if wisdom teeth need to be removed. The extracted tooth could then be replaced with either a removable prosthesis such as dentures or a fixed prosthesis such as a bridge or implant. Our professional and experienced staff will recommend the best extraction solution for you to maintain a healthy smile.


Bridges are often used to replace missing or extracted teeth. To ensure their durability, bridges are made from porcelain, metal, gold, or alloys. Bridges may be recommended to replace a missing tooth to avoid structural damages and changes to your mouth which can cause difficultly speaking and eating.


Experiencing tooth cracking, decay, or discoloration? Crowns help strengthen your teeth when fillings and bondings aren't sufficient to prevent further damage. Crowns typically last between 10-15 years.

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